Designing innovative living spaces of lasting value


Established in Greece in 2021, ehret+klein Greece focuses on prime, mix-use projects in Athens and Thessaloniki and residential projects in the Cyclades Islands. We always have our eye on the big picture, carefully thinking through each and every detail – from active research, to concept development, planning permission and construction, all the way through to the management and sale of properties. Much of this is also achieved through our outstanding network of carefully selected local partners with whom we work on the basis of mutual trust.

Designing innovative living spaces of lasting value
About Ehret+Klein


Founded in 2006 by Michael Ehret and Stefan Klein, ehret+klein is a  German property development company with a mission to plan and design innovative urban living spaces of lasting value. The company focuses on neighbourhood development, brownfields and disused industrial sites, as well as the revitalization of existing properties. e+k’s portfolio focuses on mixed-use properties, including residential, commercial, office, retail, hospitality, healthcare, logistics and light industrial projects.


We live in a fast-paced world that requires an agile mindset. We continuously question ourselves and scrutinize what we know in light of technological, environmental, economic and societal changes. A  business model that is currently a success may soon be outdated so we are always ready and prepared to adapt to new circumstances be that the evolving needs of our clients, tenants or communities. There is however only one thing that we will never change: what we do, we do with passion.

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We pursue a  holistic approach to sustainability that takes into account the social, ecological and economic aspects of each project, giving due consideration to the needs of each and every stakeholder. We believe it is important to create trendsetting built assets and environments that will go on to provide long-lasting value to current and future generations.

How we think


Sustainability is deeply engraved on the organization’s DNA; it influences not only the actions but also the identity of the company. ehret+klein understands sustainability to be a  continually changing entity and an integral part of its corporate strategy.



We strive to create properties that hold long-term value for society. This is why we actively involve all stakeholders in our planning process while proactively anticipating future requirements.



We aspire to build trend-setting urban developments of low environmental impact. This involves advocating for a progressive approach to utilizing natural resources, where sustainable energy and mobility concepts are seamlessly integrated into our design philosophy.



We adhere to standards that drive sustainable profitability, allowing us to create spaces that foster long-term, stable, and healthy growth. Our focus is on leaving a legacy of lasting value for future generations.



Sustainability not only guides our actions but also defines our company's identity. Every day, we collaboratively strive to build a future that is worth living for everyone - society, our clients, partners, and ourselves.