We are ehret+klein

In our role as district and project developer, we devote our attention to planning and designing innovative urban living spaces that serve as a valuable, long-term legacy for society as a whole. From planning permission through to the management of a property, we bundle all the requisite expertise under a single roof.

Questioning things and scrutinizing what we have learned over and over again is part of our philosophy. We never lose sight of the objective, namely developing trendsetting urban living spaces.

We always first look at everything from the user's perspective. That is why we include all those involved – the investor, the municipality, the tenant – in the process from the very start.


Christou Lada Athens

Renovation of a former publishing house in the heart of Athens  

Renovation on historic ground

Comprehensive renovation and remodeling of what was once home to a publishing company will result in the creation of state-of-the-art office and commercial space at Christou Lada 3 in Athens, Greece. The space will be characterized by an innovative utilization concept and a particularly sustainable approach to both planning and construction.