We don’t stop at merely pleasing our clients, our properties please everyone

Where others see a plot of land, we see a story waiting to be told. It often starts with a vague idea, a feeling. In every case, it ends with a property that manages to fill a major gap. After all, every plot of land has its own unique qualities, which, if effectively utilized, can add significant value to the project and contribute to its success.

We don’t stop at merely pleasing our clients, our properties please everyone

Acquisition and Research


When selecting a plot of land or a property, we often deliberately choose locations with a storied history. It is therefore not uncommon for us to develop projects where the guiding principles of conventional project development fail to suffice and the development of new solutions and approaches is required.

We perform our own research to assess the profitability of a location and address the question of which type of development offers the greatest possible added value for sustainable urban development. Our objective is to create a valuable, long-term legacy for society as a whole, which is why we include all relevant stakeholders (city, local residents, tenants, etc.) in the planning process right from the very start.

  • Market analyses and feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Development of financing models

District and Project Development


We plan and implement real estate projects in Athens, Thessaloniki and the Cyclades Islands. The support of a trusted network of local partners allows us to plan and implement not only individual buildings but also entire urban developments.

We pursue a holistic approach to sustainable project development that gives due consideration to social, ecological and economic aspects as we understand that sustainability is a continually changing system and an integral part of our corporate strategy.

  • Client representation
  • Market anaylses and feasibility studies
  • Due dilligence
  • Urban development planning
  • Redevelopment of existing buildings
  • General planning
  • Development of use and infrastructure concepts
  • Project management

Marketing and Sales


Individualized marketing measures serve as a guarantee of a top-notch uniform public image. Therefore, from the acquisition through to the management of a property, our communication strategy ensures that we have a uniform, high-quality channel in place with which to manage and supervise our projects ensuring that lines of communication remain open at all times. We not only regularly provide information to local and national media, we also ensure a transparent exchange of information and ideas with tenants, local residents, and the city.

When it comes to selling our properties, our sales team turns its attention to both the sale and leasing of residential and commercial spaces, developing effective marketing concepts for buyers, tenants and investors, in collaboration with our partners.

  • Planning and implementation of marketing and communication concepts
  • Development of user concepts as well as sales and leasing strategies
  • Management of contracts and marketing documents
  • Global sales and sale of co-ownership shares (residential property)
  • Rental/leasing of residential and commercial properties
  • Contract management
  • Management of special client requirements
  • Walk-throughs and handovers