What comes after retail?

27 MAY 2021
Ehret + Klein Greece_What comes after retail?

Retail and the city center as a location have been undergoing a profound process of change for many years, with the Corona pandemic acting as an additional particle accelerator. The question arises as to how the city center of the future can look and be developed.

In the current episode of Stadtrederei, Michael Ehret, Ehret+Klein GmbH, Prof. Tim Rieniets, Leibniz Universität Hannover, and Dr. Dieter Salomon, IHK Südlicher Oberrhein, talk about attractive city centers, the departure from existing development strategies, the need for cooperative development approaches and the special role of owners and the real estate industry.

The podcast "Stadtrederei. Reflections on City and Space" is a cooperation project of the Institute for Urban Development and Housing (ISW) with Dr. Christine Grüger (suedlicht, Freiburg) and Dr. Fee Thissen (Urban Transformation, Oberhausen).

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